T-Day with the GCB

Sun 11/29/2009

My best friend Gabe was in town this weekend for Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun. Gabe is the sort of guy who can really appreciate the smaller pleasures in life, so we did a lot of eating, drinking, talking and playing pinball while he was here.

Holly Foltz once again invited a bunch of the CCS students over to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. And just like last year it was an extremely relaxing gathering, full of awesome food (including Gabe's Mom's famous cheese biscuits, which were a real hit!) and some great company.

After the meal, Gabe and I went back to my place and watched a bunch of movies, including Tilt and Pinball 101, to prep him for Saturday's planned all-day pinball fest. On Friday, we went down to the pool hall with Max and I gave Gabe a walk-through of the Episode I Pinball 2000 machine, which covered all of the various ways of scoring points and bonuses, and a few different strategies for approaching the game.

Then on Saturday, Jon came back from Thanksgiving with his family and we pretty much spent all day playing pinball (there was one break in the middle, for food). On Jon's first game, he shattered his old high score, getting over 169 million points AND achieving Jedi MASTER status (!?!!) This was pretty epic. He even had a "J" in the Jedi Master round, leaving him a mere three letters away from getting Jedi Spirit status, which we consider to be the point when you have "beaten" the game. It suddenly seems very possible!

I had a few good games (108 million, then 110 million, both on the high score list) and Gabe exhibited his usual steep learning curve by achieving Jedi Youth, then Jedi Knight status, marking the high score board with 118 million AND becoming the new Ramp Champ with a 10-way ramp combo.

These many hours of pinball were funded by a single roll of quarters. In New York City, a single ticket for a two hour movie costs more than $10, so it's nice to think that four of us spent less than that and had an awesome time playing pinball for like six hours!

It was a very relaxing weekend, and now I'm ready to get back to work! There are only three weeks left in the semester, and there is a LOT that needs to get done in that time, so it'lI be a super busy time around these parts. I better get back to it... I hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving with friends or family, or both!

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I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving Alec. You deserve it dude!
You're one of the hardest working most dedicated people I know.

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