24-hour comic #9!

Sun 12/6/2009

Max de Radiguès came over late Friday night and at the strike of midnight, we sat down and started a collaborative 24-hour comic, which we finished Saturday night at 10:41pm. It's called "The PAM Artist", and you can read the whole thing over in the comics section!

This was my ninth 24-hour comic, but only my second one drawn with another person (the other being Crispy Ginger Crumples, which I drew with Aaron Renier in 2006). It was pretty rough for me after the first 8 hours or so... I don't know what was going on, but I felt SUPER DUPER exhausted and tired. I was even having thoughts of throwing in the towel (?!) so I was definitely glad to have Max by my side, to keep me going by constantly passing me pages to work on.

We started with a very loose beginning plot, in which a young woman from the country moves to the big city (in the 1940s?) determined to make it big. To help prepare for this idea we watched some old movies with similar plotlines and then we checked out a few reference books from the Schulz Library which had tons of photos of New York City from the 40s and 50s. Here's the list:

This was an awesome way to approach this project, because we we were able to lift most of the character names, and some of their traits and various other little details from those source materials. We also copied a lot of the photographs (as you'll see if you read the comic!) It might have also influenced how cheesy things got towards the end of the story... Oh well! It's pretty hard to knock out an improvised story in 24 hours, so I'm just glad that we got it done and that it's SOMEWHAT logical. I hope people enjoy the comic!

As usual, this was such an amazing artistic, creative process. I learned a TON of stuff from Max, about storytelling, and drawing, and even some useful tips about wielding a nib! The 24-hour comic challenge is such a great chance to break out of your usual style and just play around with comics for a day. I highly recommend it to anyone making comics (and even for some of you that don't!)

I've already got a plan in place for next year's 24-hour comic, which is going to be pretty epic. I think I'll do it in February or March... but for now I'm going back to sleep!

UPDATE: Here is a link to Max's blog post about the comic (in FRENCH!) with photos from throughout the day.

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That was a really nice story, had me in the whole time. I really like the use of pencil drawings to express photography. There was one odd frame though...when she's in the diner for the first time and there's a frame of a black couple. Was that a photo that she saw? At first it seemed like there was a black couple sitting across from her, which made her uncomfortable, so she called for her check. It seemed a bit out of place. Anyway, good work as always.

Ajani Dec07

Thanks for checking out the story Ajani! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for the confusion on page 4. The idea was that she took her first photograph in the city, of the black couple (in my mind, she was interested to see the greater diversity of the city, compared to the small town where she was from). If you look carefully at panel 4, her camera is now out and her plate is clear (panel 1 it's full of food and panel 2 it's half done). So she definitely wasn't supposed to be uncomfortable with anyone, just done with her meal!

Alec Dec07

A VERY nice story, well-drawn (of course) with a lot of ideas, and your 'copies' of pics of NY are beautiful.

Talking 'bout 24h-comics, I wonder if this could be possible with a 24h-writing session. Bur the era is not quite about writing as it is about drawing, I believe...

Anyway, it's a pleasure to see both your styles in a unique piece!

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