Winter Has Begun

Thu 12/10/2009

The day that Max and I did our 24-hour comic also happened to be the day of the first really big snowfall up here in Vermont. It's been snowing a lot, and each morning now, I wake to the sound of the snowplows scraping down Main Street.

Really, we lucked out this year, as winter got started REALLY late (I've seen it snow in OCTOBER up here before). Hopefully that won't mean that it'll stretch longer into Spring...

Anyway, the biggest bummer about the cold up here in New England isn't the snow, or having to get bundled up before going outside. No, it's that THE WEEZER TOUR BUS HIT BLACK ICE UP HERE AND CRASHED. Yeah, after only two performances, Weezer had to cancel their nationwide Raditude tour. It sounds like Rivers broke some ribs and puncture a lung and ruptured his spleen in the accident, plus his ankle was all messed up. It has been pretty scary, but luckily Karl has been doing an awesome job of keep us weezer fans up-to-date with the situation. It sounds like Rivers is going to make a full recovery, so that's a relief, but there will be no more rocking for him in the immediate future! :(

Other than that, I don't have much to report from up here in Vermont... Oh! except for another round of PINBALL FEVER!!!

Earlier this week, Claire sent me a link to Mark Walters's hilarious and amazing pinball column on McSweeney's. Walters basically wanders around until he finds a pinball machine and then he does an in-depth write up about the machine, including the mechanics and logic of the game, but he also writes about where the machine is located. The first three are at a gas station, a volleyball athletic center's game room and in an airport. They're very funny and well written and he is obviously a guy who really appreciates pinball, so they are right up my alley. I hope he'll write more!

Then, somehow, I was look for pinball stuff online, and I came across the trailer for this new pinball documentary called Bang Back: The Pinball Movie, which looks to be the story of Rick Stetta, a 5-time world champion pinball player, who is trying to get back into competitive pinball after many years away from the circuit.

It's pretty cool to see footage of an official Professional/Amateur Pinball Association tournament. Hopefully some day I'll get to to check one out in person!

I had a pretty good game the other day (134 million, J-E-D on Jedi Knight) and today I finally spelled out "GUNGAN" by hitting enough orbit shots, and THEN spelled "JARJAR" by getting the requisite six RIGHT ramp shots, which we were led to believe would give me 19,992,510 points (the date, in reverse, that Williams closed down their pinball branch: October 25th, 1992). But no! After hitting all these crazy targets (on ONE ball, by the way!) I only received a measly 2,000,000 points (???!) The Jar-Jar bonus was the penultimate goal that we had yet to see on this machine. All that remains now is to achieve Jedi Spirit status and beat the game. Hopefully it's only a matter of time!

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When I was home for Thanksgiving I found a super old copy of the "Weezine" the fanzine from 1994. It's really a great tribute to self-publishing and it was the legit fanclub newsletter you got by mailing to the address in the blue album. I'm gonna grab it over thanksgiving and post some scans.

Box Brown Dec11

Awesome Brian! Yeah, I have a complete run of the vol. 1 Weezines (#1 - #14) they are the crowned jewel of my zine collection! ;)

Alec Dec12

haha! of course you do! Actually, I also found the Weezer Fanclub directory and I looked for your name, but I didn't find it.

Box Brown Dec12

Yeah, I joined kind of late... 1995 or 1996? I'm =w= #2660!

Alec Dec12

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