The Golden Age Project

Fri 2/5/2010

Yikes, this has not been the best year of blogging for me, so far... I actually have a lot of stuff to post, I've just been so busy lately I haven't had the chance!

The main thing that has been keeping me occupied over the past few weeks was the CCS Golden Age Project. Each year, the first year students are given two weeks to create a 32 page comic book, written, drawn and colored in the style of the "Golden Age" of comics (this year we tried to stay as close to 1952 as possible). There were four groups, which each had to try and please their individual editors, which were as follows:

Now, you might be saying, "Huh? Alec's not on that list. What's the big deal?" Well, Paul was only in town for about 4 days, for his visiting artist lecture (which was REALLY great), so I acted as an assistant editor for his group for the rest of the project (though he still did most of the heavy lifting via email and some awesome video Skype sessions).

Our team did an amazing job with the project, creating "Ear Shot" a super hero with super hearing and his sidekick "Sonar." A lot of midnight oil was burned on this project. It was inspiring seeing how hard all of the students were working, and to see it all come together on the last day. All of the groups did a great job and should be very proud of their work.

I'm going to try and post again soon, but for now, I have to go watch Pinball 101 again, so I can brush up on my pinball moves before the big trip to FUNSPOT tomorrow, which is a reward for finishing up the Golden Age Project. A whole day of Pinball? Awwww yeah!

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