24-hour comic #10!

Mon 3/22/2010

Yesterday I drew my TENTH 24-hour comic. I have been drawing one a year since 2001 (most of which can be read online, over in the comics section) so I was pretty excited to celebrate the first DECADE of my commitment to draw one a year for the rest of my life.

So instead of just doing another 24-hour comic, I thought I'd take on a slightly LARGER 24-hour project... an entire book!

I decided to create a Lulu.com collection of some of my best 24 hour comics from over the last 10 years. Before the clock started on March 21st, I had the pages from the following six 24-hour comics resized and dropped into an InDesign file:

And when the clock hit midnight Saturday night, I began drawing 24 pages of commentary comics, which in the final book will appear before each of the above 24-hour comics. You can read the first 8 pages, which explains more efficiently, using comics. I finished inking the 24th page by about 6pm on Sunday.

THEN I had 6 hours to scan those pages in, lay them out in the InDesign file, put in all the page numbers, draw the extra pages (title pages, copyright page, table of contents, etc. etc.) At 10pm, I did one last sleep-deprived proofreading check through all 174 pages and uploaded the PDF file to Lulu.com

THEN I had 2 hours to draw the cover! I feverishly knocked out a design, inked it in, colored it, and then did a bit of photoshop work (adding figures from each of the 6 other 24-hour comics). I started the upload to Lulu.com ten minutes before midnight on Sunday night. By 12:15am I had ordered my proof copy, which should be here in 3-5 days. Once I can check that everything printed properly, I will make it available for sale in my Lulu.com storefront!

Luckily today marks the beginning of CCS's Spring Break, so I have been able to take it SUPER EASY today, catching up on email and taking multiple long naps. It was also the Best Mail Day EVER for reasons which I will reveal in a blog post later this week!

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High five!

wow a totally awesome idea Alec! that seems like it will be a really great read. i'm looking forward to getting this. Also, i just have to say how impressed i am that not only did you think of this but you were able to do it. awesome awesome awesome!

that's a great idea! It's a good thing that sites like Lulu.com exist, so that every kinds of projects can be done, even ones that would have seemed impossible to achieve commercially...

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