24x7 is now available!

Sat 3/27/2010

My proof copy of 24x7 arrived today and it looks good! Some of the full-bleed trimming is a bit off in places, but I've always had that problem with these Lulu.com books... I guess it's one of the areas of print-on-demand they're still working on.

Anyway, all the pages are in there, in the right order, and the printing is nice and crisp, so it's now available over at Lulu.com! I also added links over in the comics section so people can more easily see which 24-Hour Comics are in the collection.

I'm going to place a big order today, so I will also have some copies for sale at MoCCA and Stumptown this April!

It feels really good to have another Lulu.com book. When all three are stacked up, it's 460 pages of comics!

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cep Mar28

Thanks Charlotte!

Alec Mar28

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