Thu 4/1/2010

Well, another March has come and gone. And once again, Greg and I exchanged an email every single day last month, to give progress updates about our current projects. And, just like last year, I was also emailing on the side with my pal Andy Jewett every day too. With Greg in Portland, Andy in Indiana and me in Vermont, this meant coast-to-coast productivity all month! Could you feel it?

If you and a friend (or two or three or four) have a lot of work you need to get done in a short amount of time, I would highly recommend this method. There were more than a few nights last month, where I felt like throwing in the towel early, but the thought of having to send out an email that said "Ugh, I didn't get much done today" motivated me to dig deep and get in a few good hours of work before heading for bed.

If you've been reading this blog lately, you saw some of what I accomplished this March (some website updates, Phase 7 #015, 24x7) and I also finished off my contribution to Elfworld 2, and did a bit of work on Basewood, which now is the ONLY project on my plate.

Greg spent the month drawing, laying out and correcting all of the final pages of CLUTCH 19, which (besides the splits he does with Nicole) will be the LAST issue of Clutch, EVER. This one will be a monster, clocking in at over 300 pages, and it will collect all of "The Lost Years." Clutch McBastard is my favorite diary comic, so it will be great to get one last massive dose of it before Greg moves on to bigger and better things.

Greg also did a lot of work sending out and promoting Papercutter #12 last month, which once again surpassed the impossibly high expectations I put on that particular publication. It is, simply put, the best comics anthology being published these days. So do yourself a favor and check it out!

I'd say more about what Greg was working on last month, but the projects are so top secret, I'd run the risk of being taken out by the elite team of Tugboat Ninjas that Greg has working for him...

It's been a crazy week for me, with a lecture at the New Hampshire Institute of Art on Wednesday, on top of all my regular teaching duties at CCS. Then tomorrow, Chris Duffy is swinging through town, so I'm moderating a talk with him in front of the students, and then James Sturm has a big reception for his new book Market Day which debuts this week. ALSO, it's only nine days until MoCCA! Phew! There's never a dull moment around these parts...

I've still got a bunch of blog entries backlogged (I haven't told you all about my sweet mail haul last week!) so hopefully I can start chipping away at some of those this weekend.

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I don't think you've mentioned this (nice!) interview:
rgbFilter @ TCAF 2009 - Jamie McKelvie, Ray Fawkes & Alec Longstreth (starts at 4:35)

FrF Apr03

Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder! I just added it to the Interviews Page

Alec Apr03

Thanks again for including me... I look forward to the shot in the arm next March. Keep up the hard work, my friend.

watched the interview. well done, man.

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Casey Bohn: Phase 7 Intern!
ANOTHER reason I was able to get so much done during this past March, was that I had some HELP! ..
Thanks Walmart!
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