MoCCA 2010! Caboose!

Fri 4/9/2010

Hey everybody, just in case you didn't know, I am going to be at the MoCCA Arts Festival this weekend in New York City!

Greg wrote to tell me that they left my name and Phase 7 out of the program AGAIN this year, but don't be fooled! I WILL be at the convention, at the Tugboat Press table, which is G-10 along the back wall.

We will also be tabling with my Belgian buddy Max, who is the Fellow this year at CCS. Max will have some of his "l'âge dur" comics (translated into ENGLISH!) and also the totally amazing, brand new, gigantic, newspaper format, FREE, White-River-Junction-themed anthology, CABOOSE.

Caboose was co-edited by Max and Chuck and it has comics by over 30 different cartoonists who either LIVE in White River Junction, or have come here for a visit (including a half page by yours truly!). CCS printed 3,000 copies and CCS folks will be handing them out for free, so hopefully this will make a big splash at MoCCA this year. I hope to see some of you there!!!

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i am SUPER honored to be on the same page as Alec! the self loathing side of me says "everyone will read about branchy and look at MY strip and and be like 'what the crap is this poop?'"
and then the pretentious side of me is all "Alec and Jesse, sitting in a tree.. S. T. A. R. WARS I. N. G."!

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