Phase 7 #012 and #013 are now online!

Fri 5/21/2010

After three years of being in print, I finally sold (or gave away?) the last copy of Phase 7 #012 at the Stumptown Comics Fest a few weeks ago.

Phase 7 #013 sold out much quicker (within a year of its publication?) and I have been reprinting it ever since. But no longer! Both comics are now available online in their entirety, over in the comics section.

I've been working SUPER hard on Phase 7 #008 this past week (Basewood Chapter 4). I'm aiming to have that issue out by this Fall. Then in the Spring, I'll release Phase 7 #016, which will be another sketchbook issue, similar to Phase 7 #015, only this one will cover my four years of living in New York City. And that will be the last "place holder" issue! Phase 7 #009 will be the next issue after that (the LAST chapter of Basewood) and then all the Phase 7 numbering will be synched back up.

At some point after that, I will create another collection of Phase 7 #012 (Barcode), #013 (Art History), #014 (Angouleme), #015 (Sketchbook 1) and #016 (Sketchbook 2).

Well anyway, that's my plan... so I'm sticking to it!

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thanks for the schedule update! looking forward to more Phase 7 as always!

Jeff May22

Congrats on making it through the run! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half?!!!

Thanks Chris! See you at Heroes Con!!!

Alec May25

Great update. Keep going Alec, your comics are among my favorites! Can't wait to see the next issue.

Dan Burke May25

Now I could kick myself for not getting those issues before they sold out!

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