Jedi Master!

Tue 5/25/2010

Well, it has been EIGHT MONTHS since I achieved Jedi Knight status on the Star Wars: Episode I pinball machine. And today I finally, FINALLY achieved Jedi MASTER status!

For a while there, Jon and I thought the pool hall that houses the machine was going to shut down. The proprietor got sick and their hours became wildly inconsistent. They would only be open for an hour or two each day, or some days they wouldn't open at all, and at one point, they were closed for two weeks straight.

Then, about a month ago, some other townsfolk of White River Junction started manning the hall, allowing it to open on time and keep regular business hours. With reliable access to the machine, I started getting better and better at it again. For weeks now I have been consistently getting into the the Jedi Master round (after completing EIGHT mini games and beating Darth Maul TWICE) but then I'd choke with a "J" or a "J - E" on the board. But I felt confident that it would only be a matter of time before I beat that third round.

Today I finally had my game. Watto threw me an extra Jedi letter early on in a random award, and then I racked up a few extra balls and played my best. Ironically, the game was only 126 million points, which is 20 million short of my current high score. Really though, I have completely given up on trying to get points. The replay is set at about 100 million (or 120 after a good game) and I will get that if I make Jedi Master. So I'm more focused on RANK now.

At this point, the ONLY thing I haven't done on the machine is get the final rank: Jedi SPIRIT, which involves completing ALL four rounds of mini games and beating Darth Maul one last time. I think I can do it!

I will, of course, post about it here once I do. Until then, may the Flippers be with you! ;)

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