The Basewood Beard: YEAR TWO

Sun 8/1/2010

Well, today was August 1st, which means it was TWO years ago today I cut off all of my hair. Last year I wondered if my beard had actually stopped growing. Well, I'm here, 12 months later, to let you know that, YES, it is still growing. Check the two-year and one-year photos above for undeniable proof.

Now, I know what you're all thinking... Will this project reach a third year?

In an attempt to bring a swift and efficient end to my work on Basewood, I have decided to set up shop in a studio, where I feel I will be able to focus more and work even harder than I am now. I spent most of today transferring the Phase 7 Headquarters to this new top-secret location. Here's what it looks like!

And I have the honor of sharing this space with the extremely talented Jason Lutes, Joe Lambert, Keny Widjaja, Chuck McBuck and Melissa Mendes. Though Chuck and Melissa will be leaving soon... :(

Really though, getting more work done on Basewood is only HALF of the reason why I got this studio. I ALSO needed to clear out some space in my apartment for my new roommate... CLAIRE! She will be moving to Vermont this fall, so this is a good starting step for getting ready for her arrival. But more about that later!

This week is going to be bonkers, the Cartoon Studio CCS Summer Workshop starts tomorrow and runs through the beginning of next week, and we've got more students than we've ever had before. It should be fun! I'll check back in when the dust settles, to let you all know how it went.

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Oh man! Claire's moving in? That's so AWESOME! I am so stoked for you!!! I would reach through the internet and give you a big hug if I could! HOORAY!!!

Liz B. Aug02

Yeah Liz, it's big news! I'm TOTALLY STOKED. Save that hug for me - I'll collect at SPX!

Alec Aug02

Alec, the studio looks amazing. A great workspace.

At Comic Con I got a book signed by James Sturm, and saw a preview copy of Walker Bean! Alec connections abound.

josh Aug02

I really enjoyed your blog posts about San Diego this year Josh. I'll have to get back to that show one of these years... I'm so excited for Walker Bean to hit the streets!

Alec Aug02

Congratulations, man! The studio looks phat, and your studio mates are killers with the ink, so I'm sure you'll all motivate each other like crazy. You're so far along with chapter 4! It's really exciting to see you get so much accomplished. Congrats about your new living situation too!

Congrats on the new living situation! I haven't seen you in person recently - what's up with your mustache? I assume it's an illusion, but it looks shorter in the recent photo

That's awesome, Alec! Good luck with Basewood. I can't wait to see read the finished piece!

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