San Fran Summer

Tue 8/17/2010

Well, I'm in California again. I must say, the 70 degree weather and total lack of humidity has put me in a pretty good mood. Or wait, maybe it's CLAIRE.

On Claire's birthday we went and saw Scott Pilgrim, which is the best movie I've seen all summer (also, pretty much the ONLY movie I've seen all summer). It was a blast, I can't wait to see it again. We also went and got formal Sears portraits taken, which was pretty hilarious (I'll post the photos when we get them back).

We also hit my now-regular Bay Area haunt, The Pacific Pinball Museum, and otherwise spent the weekend running various errands to help prepare Claire for her upcoming move back East. I have been snapping crappy cell phone photos left and right and uploading them to this August 2010 Flickr set, so check that out if you want to keep up with my current goings-on.

Mostly this week I'm holing up in Claire's room and working on: 1) my syllabi for the fast-approaching fall semester and 2) various material for Drop Target Zine #1 which Jon Chad and I hope to have ready for SPX this year. This first issue is already shaping up to be pretty epic, but I don't want to talk too much about it until it's done. I will (obviously) tell you all more about it when it's complete!

Until then, I hope everyone's summers are wrapping up well. I'm having a great time here in California... NEXT STOP: Hawaii!

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