Shouldn't I TOTALLY get a pet TURTLE???

Mon 3/7/2005


Yeah...a TURTLE!!! I mean, as many of you know, what I REALLY want is a pet Chicken, but in New York I think that is going to be impossible. The chicken coop may still be a few years off, but a turtle in New York could be so cool!

After Saturday, I think I better understand how Mormons and other religious crazy people think that they get messages from God. Because seriously, I was drawing early Saturday morning and not really thinking about anything but the treehouse I was penciling when all of a sudden BAM!!! The fully-formed thought, "I SHOULD GET A PET TURTLE!!!" enters my mind.

I would feel bad having a dog in New York, I hate cats, a fish seems kind of tame, birds are loud, rodents are smelly (I have a SMALL room), but a turtle??? C'MON!!!

So I'm officially going to start researching that. The weirdest thing I've discovered so far is that EVERY name sounds good for a turtle. Kevin the Turtle. Gloria the Turtle. Torvald the Turtle. !!?! It's going to be hard to choose... or maybe it can have a VARIABLE name! Like its name can be whatever you want it to be, because they ALL sound good. WOO!!!

Anyways, today was the most gloriously mild, breezy SPRING-esque day. I know it was only a trick, as old man winter is no doubt winding up another kick in the ass for us here in New York, but I'll take what I can get. Everyone seemed so much happier today walking around in the sun with the breeze. I took my lunch break in a T-SHIRT. It was great... Spring is going to be so awesome.

Oh man, so my Grandmother used to say, "What's the point of buying more food if the kids are just going to EAT it?!" I always thought it was just like a JOKE, or sort of a ridiculous thing to say. But I'll tell you, cooking every meal for myself (so that I can save money and print my Comic book) and not having much space to store food (and therefore NOT being able to "stock up"), I now know what she meant! Every time I turn my back on myself I've eaten all of my
damn food! WHERE DOES IT ALL GO??? It seems insane that I have to constantly go to the market (EVERY WEEK) to get more food, just so that I can keep being alive. Talk about a wacky system!

Other crazy things are going on, but I think I'll wait to talk about them later... For now it's off to eek in an hour of penciling and turtle-day-dreaming...

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Ok one bad thing about a turtle is that you have to clean up after it!

kylee Mar27

i like turtles!!

tena Feb21

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