Drop Target #1 is now available!

Sat 9/25/2010

Well, as some of you might have heard, Jon Chad and I have started a pinball zine! It's called "Drop Target" and the first issue is now available for ordering.

I have to say, I think it's probably the coolest zine I have ever made (sorry Dvorak Zine). When I self-publish, I don't usually go in for many bells and whistles, but Jon is the MASTER of bells and whistles, so this issue has a few.

Drop Target #1 is a half-letter zine and it clocks in at 52 pages, with a red construction paper cover, which has been screen printed with white ink and then printed on with black ink. (All done by Jon!) There is also a full-color 8.5" x 14" centerfold, which I did.

Make no mistake, it's a zine, not a minicomic. There is a lot of writing, but we tried our best to have a drawing or two on every page. We have plans for seven issues of Drop Target, so many of the features you find summarized below will be reoccurring. Here's what you'll find in this, our "introduction" issue:

  1. A Pinball Glossary (with AMAZING technical illustrations by Jon).
  2. TILT TALK: An interview with Brinda Coleman and Sam Soule, the editors of the 1990s pinball zine "Multiball."
  3. THE REPLAY REVIEW: Jon gives you all the info you'll need to beat Star Wars: Episode I (pinball 2000).
  4. DREAM MACHINES: I dreamed up a playfield for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (which is also that full color center spread!) and Jon made up a Lawrence of Arabia machine.
  5. PINHALLS: We cover all the places to play pinball in White River Junction, Vermont.
  6. VIDEO MODE: A movie review of the excellent documentary Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball
  7. "From Zeros to Heroes: Part 1 - OBSESSION" a 17 page comic by yours truly, about how Jon and I got into pinball!

This zine was a real labor of love for Jon and me, and we are both super excited that people can finally check it out! We have also set up a blog for the zine, where we will be posting all kinds of pinball related news and drawings and stuff. Our goal is to get new people excited about pinball!

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Looks awesome guys. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy!

Blake Sep27

Oh yeah. Pretty pumped for this!

Paul Sep27

Paul! I hear you are coming to WRJ, all I can say is, WE WILL PLAY PINBALL DUDE!!!

Alec Sep27

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