Star Wars in 3D??!

Wed 9/29/2010

I loaded up tonight to watch the new episode of The Clone Wars, and I found the above image sitting at the top of the main page.


The article says that Episode I will be out in 2012. And John Knoll says, "It is not something that you can rush if you want to expect good results." And I DO want to expect good results, so I'm assuming it'll take a few years? Maybe one movie every six months for THREE YEARS???

I'll take any excuse I can get to see Star Wars on the big screen, and especially if it's 3D. That's something that has to be seen as big as possible, so it's totally immersive. Anyway, WOO! I'm super excited.

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This news pretty much made my week.

Jon Chad Oct01

Really? I guess I shouldn't be surprised you fellas would get giggly over this news. I mean I'd love to see the original three on the big screen, but without *any* post-processing, be it 3-D or otherwise.

I did see them on the first run, but apparently I was the annoying outspoken kid in the audience who yelled "WHERE DART VATER??" whenever he left the screen.

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