Back in Vermont!

Mon 10/25/2010

Well, Claire and I finally made it back to Vermont on Saturday, along with her bunnies Patty and Selma. It was a long trip, a lot happened, and I'm super busy with stuff now that I'm back. So I'm afraid the most I can offer is a quick recap, which I'll write below. You can also check out some photos from the trip in this Flickr set.

Thursday, 10/14 - Just after midnight, while I was finishing my packing for the trip, my mom called me to let me know that my grandmother had just passed away. "Granny" died at home, in her own bed, of natural causes, with my mother and father by her side. She was my last grandparent. Needless to say, it has been a really hard year for my Mom, and I fell asleep feeling horrible that I was going to be on the road for the next week, and not with her. This was the start of one of those weeks when everything was happening all at the same time. I woke up Thursday morning and took the bus to Boston, where I caught my flight to San Francisco. That night I stayed at crappy hotel by the airport.

Friday, 10/15 - I took a shuttle back to the airport in the morning, just in time to meet Claire, who had flown in from Australia, where she had been for the last month. We spent this day talking and talking and talking, while doing laundry, eating food and going to the movies.

Saturday and Sunday, 10/16 - 10/17 - APE! I tabled with Greg, got to see a bunch of friends, and even sold a few comics. Thanks to everyone who swung by to say hi!

Monday, 10/18 - Claire had a meeting at her work downtown (she is still going to work for them a bit, in a freelance capacity, from Vermont) and then we hung out with a bunch of Claire's friends so she could say a proper good-bye.

Tuesday, 10/19 - We went to the Oakland airport to rent our minivan, which had these incredible "Stow and Go" seats which folded into the floor, which gave us just the right amount of space for all of Claire's stuff. We packed it all up and hit the road! That day we made it through California and Nevada and ended up outside of Salt Lake City, Utah where we stayed in a "Super 8."

Wednesday, 10/20 - I-80 all the way! We drove through the rest of Utah, all of Wyoming (where I got pulled over for going 83 in a 75 - she gave me a warning!) and most of Nebraska. That night we stayed in a Motel 6 outside of Omaha.

Thursday, 10/21 - We covered a lot of ground this day. We made it through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and the bulk of Ohio. Claire got pulled over in Illinois for changing lanes without signaling (?!) and then the cop chatted her up for like 30 minutes, asking lots of questions about DRUGS. So we're pretty sure we got profiled (giant hippy beard guy, California plates, minivan) and he found some BS reason to pull us over to see if he could get us to trip up in telling him our story. UGH. For the rest of the trip we were both freaked out that cops were going to pull us over for doing nothing wrong. ANYWAY, we stayed that night in Oberlin, Ohio with my old college advisor/teacher/boss/pal Mike Grube and his wife Connie. It was my first time back to Oberlin in 5 years, and it was crazy how many new buildings there were. I got to see a bunch of the old theatre staff, which was great. Too short of a visit really. Hopefully next time I pass through I won't be so rushed.

Friday, 10/22 - Even with a late start (11am) Claire and I made it back to Vermont this night, passing through the rest of Ohio, a tiny corner of Pennsylvania and a whole bunch of New York state. We rolled in at about 10pm, unloaded the car and slept in our own bed. But the trip was not quite over!

Saturday, 10/23 - The next morning we drove down to Boston to return the car at the Logan airport. This was EASILY the most stressful part of the drive. Boston drivers are completely insane! Anyway, we got the car back in with no damage, then we ate a late lunch with Liz, Maris and Joe, and then we took a bus back to Vermont (or, well, New Hampshire), where Jen was kind enough to pick us up and take us back to White River Junction. Trip OVER!

I owe a huge thanks to Jon Chad, Katherine Roy and Steve Bissette, who covered my classes during this week, which made it possible for me to make the trip! Now that I'm back, things are a bit bonkers as Claire and I try to find places in the apartment for all of her stuff, and I try to catch up on email and teaching duties, etc. etc. etc. I'll post again when I can!

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yeah illinois is a bitch. where i live it's better to kill someone then to get caught drunk driving. we've let most of the murders go but no one ever beats a DUI.

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