End of year MEGA-wrap up

Fri 12/31/2010

Well, it's the last day of 2010, so it looks like I only wrote 56 blog posts for this year. My "worst" year ever! (the "Archives" list on the right might lead you to believe that 2004 was worse, with only 25 posts, but those all happened in the last THREE MONTHS of that year).

Weird as it may sound, I think I probably blogged more than ever this year. It's just that all my blogging activity has been separated out into individual blogs. Currently I'm blogging in the following places:

The idea is that by keeping things specialized, people can just follow SOME of my interests, but maybe not all of them. For instance, if you don't really want to read a 1,000 word description of every pinball machine I played on my Winter Break, or if you don't want to read my horrible haikus, those are posted on their own blogs for easy avoidance.

And if for some reason you DO want to follow all of my interests (Hi Mom!), Nate helped me set up this cool FriendFeed thing on the homepage that displays all of my posts from around the web.

In the meantime, THIS blog will remain dedicated to Phase 7 and what's going on in my life. Oh, and WEEZER.

Speaking of which, I forgot to tell you guys all about the crazy two-night Weezer concert that Claire and I went to two weeks ago! It was EPIC. Seriously, the craziest (okay, maybe the SECOND craziest) Weezer concert I have ever attended. Totally amazing.

Okay, so the hit single from Weezer's latest album is called "Memories," right? So using that as a springboard, Weezer came up with this idea to play two-night concerts in a few select cities. On the first night they would play a bunch of hits and then close by playing The Blue Album start to finish. Then on the second night, they'd play a bunch of OTHER hits and then close by playing Pinkerton start to finish.

Weezer offered these crazy $500 VIP tickets for these shows, where you'd get to meet the band before the show, sit in a special area during the show and get all this special schwag, designed just for the VIP folks. Well, after our encounter last summer, Karl asked me to design two weezer posters for these VIP packages (!!?!) (You can see them over in my illustration blog). As part of my payment, Claire and I got tickets and backstage passes for the New York Memories Tour stop! SO COOL, right?

The first night, we didn't quite understand how the backstage passes worked, so we watched the show from the floor, which was pretty intense! There were tons of drunk people trying to mosh and crowd surf in a totally packed hall. It was slightly distracting, but that's what you get at a concert, right? It was still totally amazing to hear all those deep cuts from The Blue Album, which are almost never performed live, plus Karl gave this awesome slideshow in the middle of the show, all about the start of the band. It had all these amazing flyers and posters and photos of the house where they all used to live, etc. etc. After the show, we found the "backstage" area, which was like a raised seating area to the side of the hall. We vowed to spend the next night's show up there, instead of on the floor.

We spent the entire next night up on the "backstage" area, which had an incredible view, plus when Rivers came out into the crowd during the first set, he was singing like three feet away from me! (see photo to the right here). Seeing Pinkerton performed live was so incredible. Karl linked to this great write up of the show (with videos and everything!). I think I can safely say it was the best Weezer concert I have ever seen. It was the first time I ever heard them do "Susanne" which is my all-time favorite Weezer song.

Afterwards, Karl came and took us to the "real" backstage, where we chatted for a bit and he hooked me up with one of the VIP packages (including my two posters! which I am going to get FRAMED). It was such an awesome night. Long live Weezer! I know they've got some exciting stuff planned for 2011, and you know you'll hear about it here :P

I had a very relaxing trip home to Seattle over Christmas, hanging out with my family. While there, I finished Phase 7 #008! But I'll save that for my next blog post. I need to get it up for sale in the comics section and make a few other changes in there. But the subscriber copies have all been mailed out, so check those mailboxes!

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