Sat 3/12/2005

Okay. So they released the OFFICIAL COVER ART for "Make Believe" last night (AKA the 5th Weezer album!!!!) And the ART WORK that is seen behind the band was drawn by NO OTHER than the amazingly talented CARSON ELLIS. And MY GOOD FRIEND Aaron is FRIENDS with Carson. So that's only TWO DEGREES of separation between me and the 5th album. BOOM!

P.S. How kick ass is this cover? (SO KICK ASS!!!)

P.P.S. I also found out last night that the U.S. Weezer tour will be between 4/26 and 5/14. So assuming they stop in New York (and I can get tickets) I'll get to SEE THEM before Star Wars comes out on 5/19! LIFE IS SO RAD!!!

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