FRAMES and The Pinkerton Diaries

Tue 2/1/2011

Two of the creative idols that I have spent a good deal of my life worshiping will be self-publishing two very idiosyncratic projects this year.

First up is George Lucas's "FRAMES" book, which I have to say is one of the weirdest ideas for a book I have ever seen. It is basically hundreds of still frames from all six of the Star Wars movies, in order, in a book, all hand-picked by George Lucas. I guess this took him two years? has a video all about it where they get into the specifics of the project, but the bottom line is that each set costs $3,000.00 and comes in a giant wooden box, plus it's signed by Mr. Lucas. They are only making 1,138 of them, and I do NOT need to own one.

Second up is The Pinkerton Diaries, by Rivers Cuomo, which Karl recently described on

"The Pinkerton Diaries" consists of Rivers's compiled journal entries, school papers and letters from 1994-1997, and will come packaged with his latest installment of home recordings, "Alone III", which reveals even more of the Songs From The Black H*** demos as well as other cool unheard tracks, many (most?) of which are complimentary to the time period of the book.

Rivers posted a video of him showing off the proofs of the book and it looks to be chock full of handwritten music, journal entries, CHARTS (drool, drool) and all sorts of other insights into that time of Rivers's life. Plus it comes with another ALONE album??? Needless to say, I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on a copy of this, the sooner the better!

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1,138 copies.

I like that.

THX-1138 was an engaging film, all right. Dystopian weird.

Al Wesolowsky Feb02

FRAMES... meh.

Pinkerton Diaries... I'm down.

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