Drawing Season

Wed 2/9/2011

This winter has definitely been the coldest and most snowy one I've experienced since I moved to Vermont back in 2008. The joke at CCS every year is that it's not winter, but "Drawing Season."

It's true, the crummy weather outside has made it very easy to log a lot of hours at the drawing table, since there is no nagging desire to be outside doing things (though I guess I'm also probably playing a bit more pinball too...)

Every time I finish a chapter of Basewood, I take a break and work on a side project, so that I don't go crazy. This time I was working on a top secret project (cough cough) with Greg over at Tugboat Press. We'll spill the beans about it this spring, or "Mud Season" as it's called here in Vermont.

Anyway, I'll wrap that up tomorrow and then I'm hoping to tape down the first page of the last chapter of Basewood and start penciling it. It'll be the first tiny step of a very, very long process. One thing that's going to make it move a little faster though, is this great new podcast that Claire turned me on to, called Stuff You Should Know.

I bet most of YOU already know about it, because I guess it's consistently one of the top podcasts on iTunes, but in case you don't know about it, you should check it out. It's kind of like RadioLab lite. The podcasts are only like 20 minutes and they just focus in on one topic, which the hosts Josh and Chuck research and then expound upon. And unlike Radiolab, there are HUNDREDS of these podcasts, so it'll keep my pencil moving for a few months at least, if I space them out a bit.

Well, I hope everyone is staying warm and getting lots of drawing done (if that's your thing). Happy Drawing Season!

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So far it's been *writing* season for me. 10, 12, 14-hour days to get it all done. I need drawing time!!! And sunshine!!!

Maybe it should be called "(insert your discipline here) Season" ;)

Alec Feb09

I'm neck-deep in drawing and writing myself. Winter's good for that. Especially in Canada where it's -1000C every day.

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