Sell Books Online?!

Fri 2/18/2011

Man, did you guys know you can sell your used books ONLINE at Powell's? I just found out about this last week, and it's kind of blowing my mind.

You enter in ISBN numbers, and then the Powell's website will tell you which books they want and which ones they don't. Then they make an offer, which you can either be paid through PayPal, or you can get even more if you take store credit. Then you print out a shipping label and drop the books at the post office (THEY pay for the shipping). It's bonkers!

I used to do this all the time when I lived in New York, taking books into the Strand, but it's pretty cool that I can now do the same thing in my tiny town, which doesn't even HAVE a book store. So long used books I no longer want!

Sorry this is such a shameless Powell's plug, but my sister Galen DID used to work there, as did this guy Nathan whom she met there... and now they're MARRIED. Plus it's like the coolest bookstore in the world. So whatever, check it out!

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I 'll try this. I've been listing books for sale one at a time through Amazon, but they're not moving.

Hell yeah, I love selling books to Powell's online! We sold HUNDREDS of books there last year and got a few hundred dollars out of it, totally awesome!

Liz B. Feb18

I'm with you, Alec. Powell's makes this process super easy. This is also a good way to support Powell's in their time of need. They laid off 31 employees a couple of weeks ago. Nathan and I have been sulking about this and feeling worried about our friends and about the store. For us, it's a sweet deal to sell books and get the store credit. Buy books from Powell's!

Galen Feb18

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