The Basewood Beard muse SHAVES!

Wed 5/4/2011

Oh man, Nate just sent me a link about this high school science teacher who vowed to not shave his beard until Osama Bin Laden was killed or captured. His name is Gary Weddle.

I actually saw a news report about Weddle in 2001 or 2002? And then like three years later, there was a follow up story about him on NPR. It was Weddle's beard challenge that gave me the idea to not shave until Basewood was done, when I moved to Vermont in 2008. I never realized that his goal was so specifically focused on Bin Laden, I thought it was more general, like, whenever the troops come back home, but anyway, he's done now.

It is not surprising to read in the article that Weddle has endured years of ridicule and jokes about his beard, and that most people did not understand what he was doing. It's also not surprising to read that he is relieved it's over, and happy to be clean-shaven again. I look forward to joining him in the clean-shaven club! And I'm glad that I will get to celebrate being done with a big creative project, instead of the murder of a human being.

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The only thing this New Yorker might discount here is calling Osama a human being. He lost that right when he murdered so many people. It was more like putting down a rabid animal, not much more.

That said, I appreciate your positive beard venture and the creativity it represents!

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