Frunchy in Vermont!

Tue 5/10/2011

Frunch is randomly on the east coast this week for two hydrology conferences, and on Saturday, he drove four hours out of his way to hang out with me and Claire up here in Vermont.

Frunch is one of my best friends from Oberlin, though I suspect most of you know him as one-third of team Dvorak.

I remember when I was growing up, my parents' college friends would come to visit, and it was so confusing. My parents would try to explain how COOL this person was, and how close they were to them, even though this person was never around in our day to day lives, like my parents' other friends.

Now I get it. Sadly, I only get to see Frunch about once a year these days. But when I do, it's just like old times. There is so much history between us, and behind us, it is instantly comfortable. And because our interactions are so few these days, I am always hungry for news of his and Gwyn's current life together.

Frunch is, without a doubt, the smartest person I have ever met. If you worry about the future - the way I sometimes do - like, "Oh god, we're going to run out of water someday!" all I can say is, there is hope. His name is Frunch, and he's on the case!

Tomorrow I'm on the thesis review board all day, and then CCS graduation is on Saturday. The commencement speaker this year is Fran├žoise Mouly, and the event is open to the public, so if you're in the area, swing on by! It'll be a day to celebrate for sure!

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You guys plan on putting together Dvorak collections of, say, 4-5 issues or something at one point?

Nope! The Dvorak Zine is a stand-alone publication. I took the rest of our research material which did not make it into the zine and turned it into the story "Dvorak" for the book Syncopated.

Alec May11

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