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Thu 5/19/2011

Well, I know the year is almost half over... but I FINALLY have an image for the 2011 Blog Archive page of this site!

Each year I try to come up with an image that documents what's going on in my life, or that captures my hopes and aspirations for that year. Obviously this year, the biggest change in my life is that Claire has moved in with me (along with her two bunnies Patty and Selma) so it seemed only fitting that the image for this year should be of our little family.

For this piece, Claire and I each drew ourselves and the bunny that the other person is holding. Then Claire watercolored the heck out of this thing, coloring herself, Selma and all the background stuff. Then all I had to do was color myself, Patty and the "2011." Sadly, it took me this long just to have enough time to do this! It has been a busy school year.

To celebrate the start of my summer break, Claire and I are going to go up to Montréal for a few days, to see Max one last time before he goes back to Belgium. While in Montréal, we will also be participating in the giant 24-Hour comic event which is being organized by Grandpapier.org. It'll be my eleventh 24-Hour comic, but the first that I've ever drawn in a big room with a bunch of other cartoonists. As ever, I will post it here when it's all done. I'm scheming on some cool plans for this one... you'll see!

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Wow, you illustration styles really mesh well. Great image. Diggin' the watercolor, too! :)

i agree with ryan. i thought you drew the whole thing till i read the entry. great work you two!

New 24-hour comic? Does this mean, given your last book had seven of them, there'll be a new collection sometime soon?

Maybe someday, A.P. but not any time soon. I think I'll do the next few in color with the thought of them living online. If color printing gets cheaper maybe I'd do a print version later? Or maybe an eBook? But I have no solid plans for this stuff right now. Mostly I just want to enjoy drawing the 24 hour comics, without having to think about an end result.

Alec May23

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