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Sat 6/4/2011

I had a nagging feeling this morning, like it had been a long time since I finished a book. I then thought to myself, "What am I reading right now?" Here's the list:

  • The Don Rosa Archives II - Captain Kentucky
  • The Carl Barks Library: Uncle Scrooge - Volume 4, Book 1
  • The Limerick edited by G. Legman
  • The Best of Ogden Nash
  • Raintree County by Ross Lockridge Jr. (audiobook)
  • A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (audiobook)

Six books! SIX! No wonder it doesn't feel like I've finished anything recently.

Each night when I get into bed, Claire and I read a spread from the Limerick book (about 10 limericks), then I read a spread from the Rosa book (the pages are DENSE) and then I read as much Barks as I can before I fall asleep.

The Nash lives in the bathroom (cough, cough) I'm relistening to the George R.R. Martin books this summer in my studio, to get ready for the 5th book, which is SUPPOSED to be out in July, and I'm listening to Raintree County while I color Walker Bean 2 at home on my computer.

Is this normal? Having books scattered all over the house, each carefully marked with my current spot? Slowly trudging through all of them a bit at a time, but not making any real headway on any of them? I mean, with the poetry, it makes sense. If you tried to sit down and read the entire 700-page book of limericks in one sitting, your eyes would catch on fire and your brain would melt. But what about the other stuff?

I guess I'm just jealous, because sometimes Claire will pick up a book and read the hell out of it, and two days later, she's finished the damn thing and is looking for her next one. It seems like a better way to go about it, but I wonder if I have the patience for that... Maybe my brain likes it better, to have all these different stories scattered about.

I feel like this might have been some weird habit that I picked up as a child who read comics. You know - reading a bunch of different titles, but many of them are continuing stories, and you're always waiting for the next installment. If you think about it, it took me TWELVE YEARS to read Bone! I'd be interested to hear if my reading habits match up with those of you who did and did not read comics as kids (if there are any of you out there who didn't!)

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I definitely share the same habit of reading multiple books at one time, but I would not attribute it to the fact that I've read comics since childhood. I might rather connect it with the act of MAKING comics, which requires one to juggle many elements of story and picture all at once.

I'm often reading multiple books at once, but I'm only ever reading one novel at a time. The rest are short story and poetry collections. Short stories are nice because the commitment factor is much lower; you can finish one in a single sitting.
As far as plowing through a whole book in two days, I think that sounds like some powerhouse reading skills that takes time to cultivate. When I went back to school, I couldn't keep up with the reading because I could only read for about 30 minutes before I got tired. I had to consciously practice reading to become a stronger reader.

andrew Jun05

RAINTREE COUNTY!!.... forever

Stefan Jun06

Forever is right Stefan! That book is looooooonnnnnnnnnnng. The audio book is like a gazillion hours. I can't imagine having to actually sit and read it. At the rate I go, it would take me the rest of my life!

Alec Jun06

Back in my (cough) younger days, I frequently read 4, 6, 8, 12 books at a time. Plus a few hundred comics a month. Now I tend to avoid serials and serialization and dive into works of entertainment with my full attention. I like immersing myself in a writer's/creator's world and not coming up for air until it's done with me.

i can't really read at all anymore. i just listen to audio books while i'm drawing. i'm not sure how it happen but i just can not sit in a chair and read a book. my mind starts to wonder off. but i don't feel too bad cause i can listen to a book in about two days time.

I'm not sure how many times Pa Grube has read 'Raintree' but it is a shocking number. I think he spices things up by switching between the paperback and the hardcover. Maybe I should buy him the audiobook and blow his mind...

Stefan Jun07

I usually read multiple books at once and attribute it to having so many books that I want to read. Plus, I associate them with 'areas' such as the book I read with breakfast, the book(s) by the bed for at night, a book in my car, a book in my backpack for break at work. My lady also reads fast. We each got a library book this past weekend and she burned through both of them in one day!

Oddy Jun09

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