Weezer and HATP Live Albums!

Sun 6/12/2011

My summer soundtrack is off to a good start! Three of the best live shows I have ever seen have just been made into albums:

1) Remember last year when I got to see Weezer at the New York City stop of their epic "Memories Tour," where they played The Blue Album on the first night and Pinkerton on the second night? You should! I did the VIP posters for the tour, which is the coolest thing I'll ever illustrate!

Anyway, Weezer has now made albums of these live recordings. Each night is its own album, with about 20 tracks, which not only includes the entire respective album, but an awesome "greatest hits" set, which spans Weezer's entire career. The Pinkerton night's extra set is especially rocktacular because it includes super-rare live performances of a bunch of Blue-Album-era B-sides, including my favorite Weezer song ever: Susanne.

2) Waaaay back in 2008, Harry and the Potters put on an epic show at the main branch of the New York Public Library (or well, its current headquarters - the building with the lions out front). I went to it, and even though I had seen these guys play like three or four times at that point, I was still totally blown away. In addition to their nomal line up (Paul and Joe DeGeorge plus a drummer), they had a HORN SECTION, which kicked this show up to a whole new level.

This too is now a live album. It's 19 tracks, but comes with a FULL version of the show as well, with no editing (51 tracks in all!?!) If you've never seen these guys live, you should get this album - it'll give you some idea of the level of excitement and fun that they can bring to a venue - especially a LIBRARY!

(SIDE NOTE: Harry and the Potters are touring all over the USA this summer! You should definitely see them when they roll through your town!)

It was cool that all three of these concerts even happened, and I felt lucky that I got to be at all three, and BLESSED that I got to see them for FREE because I did illustration work for both bands. And now I can relive some great memories whenever I want. Anyway, check them out! HIGHLY recommended.

In other news, things are going to be a bit quiet around here at Phase 7 headquarters for the next couple of weeks... I'm going to be dogsitting for Aaron, who is spending the summer in a top secret location in upstate New York. I'll have limited internet access, so I'm packing TONS of stuff to work on, with the hope that I can really take advantage of the solitude. Plus it will be great to hang out with Beluga - I've missed that dog!

I'm going to preload a couple of illustration blog entries, and I'll do my best to get my Basewood Beard updates online, but I guess I'll just have to see. For now my main goals are to finish penciling the last chapter of Basewood and to get caught up on all my written correspondence. I'll let you know how it all went when I get back!

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