Back From the Emerald City

Wed 8/3/2011

Well, Claire and I made it safely back to Vermont on Monday night, after a relaxing week in Seattle. My sister Galen was passing through town for a wedding and my sister Courtney now lives in Seattle, so we actually had the whole family together, which was great.

We also had my cartoonist pal Liz Prince staying with us because she and Claire had a friend getting married over the weekend. Claire took a bunch of photos from our various adventures wandering around Seattle and I did a big write up on the Drop Target blog of all the places I played pinball on this trip. Hmmm... what else? Oh! I also got to meet my sister Courtney's friend Zeccharias from Eritrea, my friend Rebecca's new baby Isaac Witcher, and my parents' new dog, Wicket (pictured here).

It was a busy trip and I didn't get to see half the people I wanted to, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Now I'm back in Vermont, teaching some of the CCS Summer Workshops and trying to catch up with everything else. Thanks to everyone who made it such a great trip to Seattle!

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