ICAF and AVA Gallery Show

Tue 9/27/2011

CCS is hosting the International Comics Art Forum this week. It's free and open to the public, so if you're in the area, swing by and check it out! There are all sorts of interesting panels and lectures about comics by some very smart people who study them. We've also got visitors coming from all over the world. It should be pretty cool!

On Friday and Saturday from noon to 7pm, CCS students will be selling their comics in the "CCS Marketplace" which will be held in the main CCS building. This is a great chance to see what everyone has been working on. Also, I will be doing a signing on Saturday evening, from 5pm - 6pm if anyone wants to pick up some Phase 7 comics.

Lastly, in conjunction with ICAF, there are a few comics exhibitions going on at the nearby AVA Gallery. Above you can see the plan I sent to the gallery, along with some pages and supplementary material from chapter 3 of Basewood. This work has never before been publicly displayed, so come on by and check it out! There is also some work up from CCS alumni Alexis Frederick-Frost, Jen Vaughn and my fellow CCS faculty member, Jon Chad. The show is up until October 7th, so check it out!

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sorry i can't make it, but i hope you'll be posting some pictures of your wall. it looks like it will be great!

sounds cool! also, thanks for writing back. ill write you back when issue 6 of eyeball suck is done and send you a copy. thanks for the new issue!

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