Happy Holidays!

Mon 12/26/2011

Wow, TWO full weeks without a post... I guess I've been taking a real winter break up here in Vermont. Here are some of the things I have been doing since the big haircut:

1) Packing up Basewood orders and mailing them out. All subscriber copies have been mailed and they have arrived safely as far away as Paris and Brussels, so if you have not received yours yet, drop me a line!

2) Claire and I went down to Boston for a weekend, to celebrate our friend Liz's 30th birthday, at an excellent '60s-themed party thrown by our friends Maris and Joe.

3) While in Boston, we went to the 7th Annual Yule Ball, which had tons of great wizard rock bands, including one of my favorite bands ever, Harry and the Potters.

4) On the same day we left for Boston, my copy of The Pinkerton Diaries and Alone III arrived in the mail, so I spent my bus rides to and from Beantown listening to new (old) Rivers Cuomo music and pouring over all 237 pages of his diary entries, photographs, sheet music, essays, articles, letters, charts and lyrics from 1994 -1997. As a Weezer fan who has always loved Pinkerton, it is an incredible glimpse into Rivers's creative process, and some of the horrible stuff he was going through during the album's conception. Also, my photo with Rivers is featured on page 184!

5) Back in Vermont, I built a new sketchbook.

6) A few days later, Claire arrived back from Boston along with her father, who had flown in all the way from Santa Fe. We have been hanging out with him ever since - eating lots of yummy food, watching movies, going for walks, drinking tea and just in general taking it easy.

With Christmas over and done, I'm now looking towards the new year... 2012 promises to be a very crazy year for me. The Spring 2012 semester is going to be my busiest yet, and there are a lot of big changes on the horizon as well. But more about that later!

For now, I hope that everyone is having a happy holidays. Let's all do our best to make 2012 a good year!

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Hi Alec,

I got Basewood in the post yesterday and immediately read it.

Glorious stuff. Beautiful movement through time, emotion and space. Well done on sticking it out and now I'm looking forward to sitting down with all of them and reading it over again in one sitting.

Congrats good sir!!

John Retallick Dec29

Glad to hear the comics made their way safely to you in Australia, John! Thanks for the kind words and I hope you enjoy reading the whole series in one go.

Alec Dec29

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