Basewood Corrections

Tue 8/21/2012

Yikes! Another week has passed by in a blur. I spent most of it in front of my computer, working on corrections for the L'employé du Moi edition of Basewood. It's not fun work, but as you can see above, it is really going to tighten up the book and make things look a lot more consistent. Many of the changes will only be noticed by me, but I think that small stuff is important! I just want to be able to flip through the whole book and not cringe at any of the little mistakes.

Claire's brother Natch was here for a few days and now my sister Courtney is here, so I'm getting a chance to explore San Francisco a bit with our houseguests. It's good to get out from behind the computer once a day and to get some fresh air in my lungs!

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Ran across your 6-word memoir today and was inspired to look you up. Very cool work you do!

Thanks! You've got some lovely paintings on your blog. Mutual admiration - huzzah!

Alec Aug28

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