Zozobra 2012

Tue 9/11/2012

Claire and I just returned from a weekend trip to her home town for the Fiesta de Santa Fe. While there we got to see the burning of Zozobra, which Claire has wanted me to see for years and years. Usually I can't come because it's the same weekend as SPX, but luckily this year they were one week apart, so I finally got to see the spectacle! There were also cool parades and music and food carts and other fun local Santa Fe stuff all weekend long. Claire took a bunch of pictures if you would like to check them out.

I was sick all last week, but I managed to finish all the Basewood corrections the night before we left for our trip. Now that we are back I am feeling better, which is a good thing, because there is another busy week ahead! On Wednesday I teach my first Professional Practices class at CCS (via Google Plus), which will be an interesting experiment and then on Friday I leave for SPX!

I'll put up another post before I leave to list my table number and the various panels I'll be participating in, but for now I need to continue trying to catch up on email. More soon!

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