Fri 10/5/2012

I turned 33 yesterday. It has been a pleasant birthday week. On Monday and Tuesday it was in the '90s (I guess an Indian Summer is pretty common in Oakland this time of year) so Claire and I decided to use the pool that is in our apartment building's courtyard for the first time. It is unheated, so it felt very cool and refreshing. I can't imagine that we will be using it again any time soon, but it was fun, and felt very "California."

I got some great reference books for my birthday including Mill by David Macaulay and some of the Motion books by Muybridge. I've been spending my "creative hour" in the morning lately doing character designs and world building for Isle of Elsi and these will be a big help.

Sadly, I'm beginning to realize that it is going to be some time before I will be able to launch that webcomic (maybe another year?) I need to finish some other projects that I am currently working on, so that I can free up some time to work on IOE. Once it starts, I want to work on it for a really, really long time, so I just want to make sure I'm ready for that commitment. I'd hate to start it prematurely and then have a weird start-and-stop schedule at the very beginning. I want to draw a BIG buffer (maybe the whole first 100-page story?) so that I can work on new stories without too much pressure.

Currently I'm hard at work on Phase 7 #017 (part one of my "Weezer Fan" trilogy) which is easily the most fun I've had making comics in years. Throw in some Walker Bean 2 coloring, my weekly class at CCS and some assorted freelance illustration projects, and I am a very busy guy. But everything I'm working on is fun and fulfilling, so I count myself very lucky. I just hope I can spend the next 33 years working on similar projects!

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Happy Birthday, Alec! Keep up the great work. P.S. Great book selections too! Gonna go check 'em out from my local library today.

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