Basewood en Français !

Fri 11/16/2012

Today is the day! Basewood is finally being released in a beautiful, oversized, hardback edition... IN FRENCH! You can see some photos of the finished book "in the pulp" over on the L'employé du Moi website.

If you live in Belgium or France, the book should be available today. Or, if you live in Montréal, I guess it will be available December 10th? (Just in time for the holidays! ;)

I bought my tickets this week for my trip to Angoulême in January. I'm super excited to return to that amazing festival, to help promote the book.

Unfortunately, I don't know a simple way for people here in the USA to order a copy of the book. If I get some copies that I can distribute, I'll let you all know.

Also, I am in the process of trying to figure out a proper English edition of Basewood. I could click one button and make it available on tonight, like the rest of my print-on-demand collections, but Basewood represents eleven years of hard work, and I'd like the finished collection to be as nice as possible. As soon as I have it figured out, I'll post that information here!

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Congrats on the French edition! Looking forward to the compiled English version. :)

Mon prochain achat!!!

(My next purchased)


Le zombie Nov20

Thanks Ryan, me too :)

Merci, Le zombie !

Alec Nov20

Congrats on the French version, man.

When is the next Phase 7?

Thanks, A.P. It's looking like Phase 7 #017 will hit the streets in early January 2013

Alec Nov26

Cool beans, bro.

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