Cereal Boxes!

Fri 12/7/2012

A few years ago, I built a custom shelf to hold all of my minicomics. This has worked quite well, and it was a huge step forward in getting my minicomics organized.

When Claire moved in with me however, she complained that the shelf was inscrutable. Although the minicomics were separated by size, there was no other cataloguing system, so it was impossible to find a specific minicomic, or if she found one she liked, she couldn't find another minicomic by the same artist. I vaguely knew where everything was, in the same way I know where everything is on my cluttered desk, but this didn't help Claire out.

When we moved from Vermont to Oakland, I used it as an opportunity to organize my minicomics once and for all. Instead of just throwing them willy-nilly into boxes, I sorted through everything and placed minicomics by my favorite creators into mailing envelopes. I had about a hundred of these, each with a few minicomics in them. The rest I put into boxes.

Ever since we set up our apartment in Oakland, I have been saving cereal boxes, which I then cut down and label, so that they can hold minicomics. I have about 50 so far, and it has made a world of difference. I can easily locate anything I need, I know where to put it back when I'm done, if I get a new minicomic by one of my favorite creators I have a place to put it, and Claire can finally decipher the collection. Once I have all of the artist envelops moved into boxes, I'm going to create some A-Z boxes for the miscellaneous minicomics that are still floating around unsorted on the other shelves.

Anyway, this is an inexpensive and fun way to help organize minicomics, which I thought people might find useful, so I thought I'd share!

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I like the varied sizes of the boxes.

Do you worry about acid migration from the boxes? Or, is the comics paper acidic, anyway?

dwald Dec07

The insides of all the boxes are just plain brown boxboard, so I was thinking acidity wouldn't be an issue, because the interiors are not dyed or printed on? It's quite possible I'm wrong about that though...

I think a lot of minicomics are not printed on archival materials (construction paper for instance fades almost INSTANTLY in the sun).

Anyway, for now the short term organizational benefits outweigh the possibility of long term harm to the books. I guess time will tell!

Alec Dec07

OH SHIT!! I made a label!!!! I better send you some more, STAT!!

Beth Dec08

Ha ha, take your time Beth. Whenever I get something new from you, I know where to put it!

Alec Dec08

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