Sun 2/3/2013

Well, after four days and three nights in the hospital, Claire is finally back home where she belongs. The surgery was a success and Claire's physical recovery was pretty quick. We just had to hang out for a few days to make sure all her levels were back to normal. It was kind of a drag hanging out in the hospital so long, but we were glad that the doctors were playing it safe. The last thing we wanted to do was go home and then have to come back to the hospital. The staff at the hospital made sure that her stay was very comfortable and pain-free, and day by day she is getting back to her good ol' self.

We are glad to have this part of the process behind us, and we are both very much looking forward to having some quiet time at home. Claire's mom Ellie has been here the whole time, which has been a huge help. Claire has lots of support and told me to send out a big thank you to everyone who has been pulling for her over the last few weeks. I too am grateful to have such a caring and supportive network of family and friends!

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My thoughts are with you both. And congratulations on the marriage. Two in the win column!

jason r Feb03

So glad to hear things are over and looking up! My thoughts are with you both.

Congrats on the wedding Alec. I am so glad to hear that Claire is doing better and you guys are home.
My very best to you both.

Joel Feb05

Yeah ! welcome back home to Claire, that's cool ! I just finished Basewood yesterday, which I bought in Angoulême, very nice story and wonderfully detailed drawings. Good job Alec !

flo Feb05

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