10,000 Miles of Teaching

Sun 2/24/2013

I had a blast at the L.A. Zine Fest. So many people showed up that at one point the fire marshal had to shut it down, because the space had reached its maximum occupancy. A huge line formed, and if one person left, he'd let one person in. Pretty crazy! I sold as many zines in one day as I usually sell at a two day show, and I got to see a lot of old friends, so it was a successful trip all around.

I have been slightly under the weather since my return to Oakland, so I have been laying low and trying to take it easy. I have another two, big, back-to-back trips approaching quickly, so I'll need to be running at 100%!

On March 4th I leave for Vermont, to do a week of teaching at The Center for Cartoon Studies. I'll do a few of my lectures for the first years (who I have yet to meet) and then on Thursday I get to be the Visiting Artist. I'm really looking forward to talking with the students about my current and future projects. I'll also be helping out with Portfolio Day at CCS on March 9th.

That night, James Sturm and I will head to the airport to travel all the way to the country of Bahrain in the Middle East, to teach some comics workshops. We'll be there for a little less than a week and then I'll fly the 10,000 miles back to Oakland. Phew!

I should get Phase 7 #017 back from the printer this week, so with Claire's help, I'm going to try and get the issue sent out to all of the subscribers before I leave on this trip. I'm also frantically trying to finish up all of my contributions for Drop Target #5 which Jon Chad and I are going to try and slam together while I am in Vermont.

This is all to say that things will probably be pretty quiet around here in the coming weeks... I have already stopped posting on my illustration blog and the Stern Blog because I need to focus on the tasks at hand, and my time is limited! Hopefully once I return, things will settle back down into a normal routine.

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