Mon 4/18/2005

Okay, I have been neglecting my blogging duties while some seriously crazy shit has been going down here in New York City. So prepare yourself for some serious catching-up...

Monday night (a week ago) the woman from 5C (the apartment below us) came up to tell us that water had been pouring in from her ceiling for FOUR WEEKS (??!) Why not bring this up on DAY ONE? Why not tell the SUPER?? Who knows! The crazy people downstairs work in mysterious ways... Anyways, our super came up and found the problem (a stupid shelf in our shower that has been collecting water and then pouring down the back of the wall). So for this whole past week he has been TEARING OUT A WHOLE WALL of our bathroom. Fantastic. No showers for the kids in 6C!

Tuesday was the last day of PRE-JUDGING work at the AIGA. That just means that we have opened all of the thousands of packages and sorted them into their various catagories. The judging begins tomorrow, which should be pretty cool! Then Tuesday night I went to Tom Taylor's birthday party which was cool (good food and good people, plus HOMEMADE PIE!)

So Wednesday I woke up early and DREW ALL DAY which was great. It felt SO good to be able to just draw. I also got my Weezer tickets in the mail and yes, they are REAL which was a big relief. I checked the FedEx tracking info and discovered that they had been sent from ARIZONA. So if you are the ASSHOLE in Arizona who bought a bunch of tickets to a Weezer show in New York and then scalped them on the interenet and you are reading this, YOU SUCK. I mean, am I crazy or would just be easier if people IN THE SAME TIME ZONE were buying tickets for the show? Grrrrrr...

Thursday morning my friend Philip called me to say that ROBERT CRUMB was going to be speaking at the New York Public Library that night and that we should go. With Will Eisner dead (just this year) Crumb is EASILY the most important living Comics artist today, and this was the ONLY stop in the USA on his book tour. Philip and I made plans to meet at the library at 6pm and then hung up.

I then went to the NYPL website and found out that the R. Crumb talk was SOLD OUT (of course). But I had no number for Philip at work, so there was no way to cancel our plans. I spent the day agonizing over our inability to see him. "He's probably in New York RIGHT NOW!" and "He's OLD and he lives in FRANCE--I'll probably NEVER have another chance to hear him speak!"

But then Philip and I met at the library and there was a line off to one side for stand-by...and we got in!!! It was totally crazy to get to see that. art spiegelman and Bill Griffith and Gary Panter (I think?) and all these other New York Comics artists were there. Anyways, for ME it was totally incredible to get to see him speak. I got his new book too, which is a 440 page collection of his stuff. All in all PRETTY COOL.

Then on Friday my grandfather, "Pop" rolled into town, visiting from Virginia. Kelly and I met him downtown for dinner which was TOTALLY INSANE. See, back in the day my grandfather worked in New York City for Bethlehem Steel. And his job was to take super important clients out and show them a good time. So as a result he went to a lot of fancy restaurants and clubs for YEARS and YEARS. Also he is just about the most charming person you've ever met in your entire life (ask anyone).

So Pop takes us up to "The Skyclub" which is a members only dining club at the TOP of the Met Life building. Park Avenue basically dead ends into the Met Life buliding, so the view from 56 stories up was TOTALLY AMAZING. All the waitstaff and workers still recognized Pop and stopped whatever they were doing to come shake his hand and welcome him back to the club. It was like something out of a movie.

Then after dinner Pop and I went to the Iridium Jazz club and caught a jazz guitar, bass, sax and drums quartet. We got home at about 2am. My grandfather is EIGHTY-SIX.

And the next night we did it all over again! This time he took my Cousin Read, his fiance and me to 21. Which as far as I know is just about one of the most fancy restaurants in New York. They were booked solid for Saturday night, but Pop made a call and the Maitre D' (who still remembered him, of course) and they reserved us a table. Totally insane. Then we went to the Birdland Jazz Club and heard an awesome 18-piece big band. (it made me miss my trumpet a lot...)

Then to top it off on Sunday Pop and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Diane Arbus photography exhibit which was pretty amazing and then to Pop's old favorite neighborhood restaurant. We showed up before the place was open, but (I'm not even kidding) some guy who was like a waiter 30 years ago and now owns the place saw my grandfather through the window and opened the place JUST FOR HIM. Totally surreal...

All this running around with my grandfather was pretty incredible, but also very weird. There is this WHOLE OTHER SIDE of New York that I got a glimpse of ("how the other half lives"?) but know I will never be a part of. I mean, my dinner at 21 cost more than I spend on TWO WEEKS of food.

Let's see... something ELSE happened this weekend too... hmmm... what was it... Oh! That's right...


This post is getting long, so I won't bore you with ALL the details, but basically Tom Taylor called me early Saturday morning because he saw that the tickets had gone on sale online (THANK YOU TOM) BUT for some reason the online sales were not working. So, just as I had done for Episode II I immediately left for the theatre. I started the line there, waited three hours and got 12 of the last 108 tickets that were available for me and my friends who are coming from all over to watch this last episode of Star Wars with me.

Really, what are the odds that the COMPUTER SYSTEM would be down ALL DAY and that I'd be able to buy my tickets at the box office? The Force was with me, there is no doubt in my mind. And really, that was the last thing I was worried about for my May plans. And now that that has fallen into place, I am getting REALLY excited...

Anyways, what a crazy week, eh?!

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