Sat 1/4/2014

Oof, that last post was kind of a downer. As I said, we're all about fighting back against sad things with positive stuff around here, so in that vein, I'd like to introduce everyone to our new cat, who we just brought home from the animal shelter this afternoon!

At the pound his name was "Cosmo" which we may or may not stick with. He is super affectionate - he loves to get pets, and purrrs a lot. I grew up a "dog person" so this is definitely my first cat, but he seems like a great guy so far. I'm sure we'll be fast friends.

I'm going to be on the road a lot this year, so hopefully this little guy can keep Claire company while I am away. Anyway, I know the internet likes cats, so here's the first picture of ours!

UPDATE: We have named the cat "Nibs." I'm posting pictures of him over in this Flickr set!

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I love tuxedo cats! He sounds awesome.

Arlene Jan04

He's adorable!!! Yay cats.

Heather Jan04

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