Tue 1/14/2014

One year ago today, Claire and I were married at the Alameda County Hall of Records in Oakland, California. Only our parents and Liz Prince attended the quiet civil service.

It was kind of a hectic time, with Claire's thyroid surgery scheduled for the next morning. But now, a year later, things have settled down nicely and we are both happy and healthy.

In two weeks I leave for a trip to France and Belgium to promote Basewood at the Angoulême Comics Festival. I had to cancel my trip last year when Claire's surgery was rescheduled right into the middle of it.

Claire and I are also in the planning stages for a much larger celebration of our marriage which will include our friends and family, which should take place this Autumn.

Last weekend we took a trip into the Arizona desert to visit Claire's grandparents who are 95 and 98, respectively. They have been married for many, many decades. We hope our marriage will last as long as theirs - we're off to a good start!

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Dear Alec, congrat for your love anniversary ! I hope that Claire's health is OK now...
I will be in Brussels the 7 february.... IF all ok, with a little drawing gift for you ...
cheers from Belgium
BASEWOOD was really a kick in my heart !


Fantastic, Aline. I will see you in Brussels!

Alec Jan22

Aww, you guys. Congratulations!

Arlene Jan30

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