The Calm Before the Storm

Sat 3/1/2014

Well, it was super fun having Liz Prince in town. We had a great time at both of our signings, so thanks to everyone who came out and said hello.

It's hard to believe it's March already! This year already feels like it's zooming by and I think it's about to go into hyperdrive. Greg Means and I are both hitting the road pretty hard this year to promote our new books The Cute Girl Network and Basewood and late March/early April is basically our "Gauntlet." We're going to four shows in four weeks!

So I basically have three weeks before everything gets even crazier than it already is. My goal for this period is to try and finish the Basewood Kickstarter fulfillment. Claire has been helping me out a tremendous amount and we've already sent out about 300 of the 450 copies. If I can sign five copies a day, I should have it all done before I get on the plane heading to ECCC.

Unfortunately, progress on Phase 7 #019 is pretty much stalled until I can finish off the Basewood Kickstarter stuff. I'm still hoping I can get it out in late Spring, but we'll see how it goes... I'm also juggling some illustration and teaching work - busy, busy! I guess there's nothing to it, but to do it. Onwards!!!

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