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Wed 4/13/2005

As some of you might have noticed, I put up a new HOME PAGE which is also the new home of all that crap that was previously clogging up the left side of the screen here (INPUT, OUTPUT, that kind of stuff...)

Mostly I just like the new design better and wanted to USE it, but the rest of the site is going to stay as-is until me and Nate can figure out the design for the rest of the site.

So JUST TO REVIEW, so people aren't confused:

THE NEW HOME PAGE will tell you what I'm currently working on and reading, etc. etc. You can click the "BLOG" icon on that page to get to THIS page, which is my blog (imagine that!)

THE OLD HOME PAGE (which you are reading now) will continue to house my blog and all the links to the "old" site, until it is redone in the same style.

So if you don't want to know what I'm READING or whatever, you don't have to look at that. Or if you ONLY want to know what I'm working on, and don't want to hear me ramble on you can do that too! Bookmark accordingly...

Sorry if all this ruins anyone's day.

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