Comic-Con International 2014

Sun 7/20/2014

Well, after almost two full months at home, it is time to hit the road again to continue my year of promoting Basewood (and now Songs From the Basewood as well!). On Wednesday I am heading down to San Diego for the biggest comics convention in the USA, Comic-Con International!

I will be tabling for five days along with Greg Means, co-author of The Cute Girl Network and the mastermind behind Tugboat Press, the inimitable Liz Prince who will be giving away free sample chapters of her forthcoming memoir Tomboy, and my very talented wife, Claire Sanders who will have copies of her zine Terrible Movie Nights. We will all be at table K-06 in the small press pavilion. Observe these terrifyingly complex maps for our approximate location. If you are trying to find us at the show, all I can say is "Good luck!"

I've only been to Comic-Con once before, about ten years ago with Andy Hentz and Lisa Hanawalt. I mostly walked around and got completely overwhelmed. I've heard the show has only gotten crazier in the interim, so hopefully I will be able to keep it together. I think it will help that I will be behind the table this time.

My departure for Comic-Con coincides with the conclusion of an intense stretch of teaching for the California College of the Arts Comics MFA program. It was three-hour classes, five days a week for two weeks straight. June was very productive for me on the comics front, but these teaching duties really slowed me down in July. I'm hoping to get back on the horse this August and finally finish off Phase 7 #019 - Weezer Fan: Part Three. My goal is to get it done before the new Weezer album arrives on September 30th.

Okay, I think that's about it. I hope to see some of you in sunny San Diego!

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