R.I.P. Nibs Longstreth (2013-2014)

Sat 8/16/2014

Claire and I just took Nibs to vet to have him put down. He is gone :(

It was a horrible week, watching him slowly deteriorate. He stopped eating, then he started losing interest in us, and any petting seemed to cause him pain. His stomach began to swell from all the FIP liquid in his system and last night as he cuddled with us in bed, he could barely wheeze out a tiny purr. This morning he was having trouble walking around and we knew it was time to say good-bye.

It'll be hard to forget his awful last days, but I'm going to try and remember him as he was when we first got him: energetic, affectionate and full of life. It doesn't seem right that such a sweet cat would only get a few years on this earth, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Nibs was my first cat and I loved him a lot.

I feel like staying in bed for a week, listening to sad music and crying myself to sleep every night, but I gotta go get on a plane in a few hours to fly to Vermont. I guess life goes on, but I sure will miss Nibs. He was a great cat!

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Oh no, Nibs! My little buddy!

I'll never forget your reckless abandon; how you wouldn't bat an eye to try to jump on the rotating record player, how you somehow got yourself trapped in a kitchen cabinet and flung yourself out, with the shrill clanging of flying pots and pans, that time you turned on a Twin Peaks dvd while I was asleep on the couch. You were a little hellion and it was hilarious.

Rest In Purring,

I'm sorry Alec. It's very hard to lose a beloved pet.
My best to you both.

jason Aug18

No! So sorry to hear it. Losing pets is the worst. I always enjoyed reading your updates about Nibs.

I'm sure he had a wonderful time while he was with you. It's comforting to know that there are others kitties out there who need a home when you both are ready.

Take care.

Heather Aug19

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