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Fri 2/20/2015

Earlier this week I returned home from my trip to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where I drew my fifteenth 24-Hour Comic along with members from the UWM Bam! Pow! Comic Book Club.

We started on February 14th at 1:00pm and originally my idea was to draw a blank comic in which each page has the same number of panels as its page number. Also, each page's panels are equal in size.

As you can see above, this sets up all kinds of interesting relationships and patterns between the numbers of panels, and tiers and columns. It took me about five hours to do all layout work and the associated math to draw these panels.

While I was working however, I was talking with the organizer, Guy Thomas, who mentioned that Bam! Pow! would also be putting together a printed anthology of the comics drawn during this event. I kept trying to picture my blank panels in there, and it made me feel like a jerk ("We flew this cartoonist out to Milwaukee, and he didn't draw anything!").

So after I was done with the blank panels, I decided to fill them in with a story. As if this wasn't already a foolish decision, I also decided to try shading the comic with pencil lead, in the style of Bill Peet's great autobiography. It looked cool but was very time-consuming. It ended up taking me until 10:00am the next day to finish the story. It is now up in the comics section of my website, if you would like to read it. The story ended up being pretty weird, but very meaningful to me.

Anyway, I'm still excited about the idea of this panel layout, so I decided to make a PDF of it that others can print out and use to tell their own story in the same 300 panels. If you would like to give it a try, you can download it for free (or with a small donation if you'd like!) over on Gumroad.com

I had a great trip to Wisconsin and it was a lot of fun visiting old friends on my last day. Thanks to Guy for organizing everything and thanks to everyone else who drew comics with me or came to one of my lectures!

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I loved the gills bit, fantastic.

Thanks Matt!

Alec Feb23

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