Vermont Bound!

Mon 9/7/2015

Yikes, I blinked and another month has gone by! Claire and I are starting to feel pretty well settled in to our new place here in Santa Fe. We've done a few fun end-of-summer things which are specific to Santa Fe, including a visit to the SWAIA Indian Market and the annual burning of Zozobra. I've started a Santa Fe Flickr set where I am documenting a lot of this stuff, if anyone wants to check some of it out.

One of my little projects while we have been unpacking all our boxes was to organize my record collection. When my grandfather died, I inherited all of his old jazz records, and when I cleaned all my stuff out of my parents' house a few months ago, they gave me most of their old records, plus I dug up the records from my childhood. So many of these albums have such amazing cover art that, on a whim, I decided to start a Flickr set documenting this collection. Every time I listen to an album (to check for scratches/skips) I'll take a photo of the cover and write a little bit about it. Check it out if you're into that kind of thing!

Now that we're feeling settled, it's time for me to hit the road again! Tonight I head to Vermont for ten days so that I can teach my first two Professional Practices classes in person at The Center for Cartoon Studies. I'm bouncing around to give lectures in a few other classes while I am there, so it should be a fun, if not busy, trip. I'm also hoping to get a lot of cartooning and coloring done while in the distraction-free setting of White River Junction, VT.

My CCA teaching is also in full swing - I'm advising six MFA thesis students and running an online cartooning course - so my schedule is splattered with a plethora of meetings and deadlines. Hopefully I'll be able to keep my time zones straight (out here in Santa Fe we're on "MOUNTAIN TIME" which sounds very rugged). I've got students scattered all over the USA and even one in Korea this semester, so it's a lot to stay on top of.

Alright, well, here's hoping for some uneventful traveling. See you soon, Vermont!

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