Top Secret Projects...

Wed 4/27/2005

My temp agency was scrambling to find me work today so I was waiting around the phone (which SORT of works now) all day. As a result, I worked on some various top secret projects today when I wasn't penciling my comic book...

The first one, pictured (NOT VERY WELL) here are these folders I made for the upcoming MoCCA comics festival. They are rescued folders that were going to be thrown out at my old job. I then color penciled and watercolored them into 4 colored segments. The one shown here is Blue/Purple. But there are also 7 others (RedOrange, OrangeYellow, YellowGreen, GreenBlue, PurpleBlack, BlackBrown, BrownRed). Then I hand cut a bunch of stencils and sprayed them on with silver spray paint. Also there is a red slip-cover band to keep it all shut with "PHASE 7" stenciled on the front.

Each one has PHASE 7 #001-#004. (It's the last 8 copies of Phase 7 #004 from the first printing, then it's on to REPRINTS!) Each folder is going to be $20, so if you are somehow reading this now, but DON'T have any of my Comics AND you're in New York you could come pick one of these up at MoCCA!

The other project I've started in ernest is my next cardboard chair. The first time it was just to see if I could do it, and I DID. So now I'm really going to build a kick ass chair. I've been looking at some designs at It seems to me that I might need to do the Frank Gehrey chair (or a version of it) just to sort of get it out of my system. Afterall, it was pictures of his chairs that got me started on all this nonsense anyways...

But yeah, Kelly helped me take some measurements of my sitting posture and Stephanie gave me some more nice big pieces of cardboard. So I just need to clear a spot in the common room and figure out how I'm going to WEIGHT the cardboard down this time... Cans of soup? I used BRICKS last time, but I don't have any of those here... I'll figure something out.

Hopefully when Gabe gets here I can take some digical pictures of all this stuff so y'all can see what the hell I'm talking about...

2 days left of work, 6 days till Gabe gets here, 12 days until the new Weezer album comes out, 21 days until Star Wars and ALL KINDS of fun stuff inbetween! WOOOOOOOOT!!!

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