December 2015

Mon 12/28/2015

Every year I draw an image for the archive section of this blog in which I try to sum up my entire year in a single illustration.

This was the year that Claire and I decided to try and get pregnant. It worked! As a result, I feel like I spent this whole year trying to finish off old projects and stockpile progress on new projects so that I can hopefully keep releasing new work next year, when I am trying to navigate my first hectic year as a parent.

It was a year spent at the drawing table. Here's what I created:

There might be some other stuff in there too that I am forgetting, but those were the big projects. I also read (or listened to) more than 50 books this year, which felt like a big accomplishment.

Claire crossed the 39-week mark yesterday, which means the baby could arrive any day now. I feel about as prepared as I can be for the birth of my daughter. I'm trying to not set too many expectations on the coming weeks and months. I've cleared my schedule and I'm looking forward to spending time with the baby and helping Claire recover from her ordeal. We'll see how it goes!

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