Phase Seven Comics has a NEW website!

Tue 6/14/2016

For the last year or so I have been working in secret on a new website for Phase 7. Today it finally launched along with Phase 7 #022!

* * * * * * * * * *

This all came about because the comics page of this site was becoming a bit unwieldy, to say the least. There were twenty-one issues of Phase 7, six books, fifteen 24-Hour Comics, and eight other miscellaneous comics projects. It was turning into quite a long scroll! And I still plan on trying to get to issue of #100 of Phase 7 before I die, so this page was only going to get longer and longer.

The new site is much better organized, with three main sections: 1) the minicomics section has ordering information and excerpts for all of my comics that are currently in print. 2) the books section has a dedicated page for each of my Phase 7 collections which includes new video previews and ordering information for print and eBook editions. 3) the archive section has all out-of-print issues of Phase 7 available to read online for free. I built a new scrolling interface with much larger images, so hopefully that is much easier to read.

Lastly, there is a page for Phase Eight Publishing, which is a new imprint of Phase Seven Comics that I use to publish other people's work. So far, I've quietly been using this imprint to publish Claire's Terrible Movie Nights zine, but this year I will start publishing a few books (including a collection of the first five issues of Claire's zine!) which will be listed on that page.

Meanwhile, the comics page on this site will continue to host my 24-Hour Comics and other miscellaneous comics experiments. Nate Beaty wrote an awesome snippet of code that automatically provides a forwarding link to anyone who turns up with an old Phase 7 link on that page, so hopefully that will avoid too much confusion and fix any potentially broken links.

Obviously, the new Phase Seven Comics site is BRAND NEW. So please, if you have a moment, take a click around and let me know if you find any spelling mistakes or broken links! Thanks!!!

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