Fri 7/8/2016

Well, this morning Claire and I "bought" a house. More accurately, we gave all our savings and a bunch of our parents' and grandparents' money to an old lady in Texas and we now owe A LOT of money to our credit union. However you look at it, we now have keys that go to a house that we get to live in for many years to come, and that Suzanne will grow up in. It is very exciting.

It was about a six month process trying to convince our credit union that we are "real" people, even though Claire and I both freelance. Once we were finally prequalified, we spent a few weeks searching around Santa Fe with our realtors until we found a house that we really liked. It's closer to downtown than we currently are, so we can hopefully continue living here without a car, and we no longer have to cross the 6-lane traffic of St. Francis Street to get to the grocery store or our P.O. Box or the library, which is a relief.

I like long-term goals, so I'm actually pretty excited to have a 30 year mortgage to chip away at. Also, it's an older house (originally built in 1925, with many various additions) so there are going to be problems with the house as we live in it, but I'm excited about that too. It's stressful, but a good kind of motivating stress.

"Good stress" actually describes this summer pretty well for me. I just spent two weeks in Vermont teaching summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies, we closed on the house today, tomorrow we're going to move most of the big stuff (including my pinball machine - oof!), and then on Sunday I leave for three weeks of teaching for the California College of the Arts MFA in Comics program in San Francisco. Claire and Suzanne will be joining me for the last few days of teaching and then we are all heading up to Seattle for a week to visit my family and for a big wedding - one of three weddings I am attending in August, in various parts of North America. Then in September I'm heading to Denmark for a week of teaching at The Animation Workshop and then a week later I head out to SPX. Things will hopefully start calming down a bit in October...

All of these things are amazing and I am so lucky and privileged to get to work for these great programs, and to travel to all these incredible places, but it is also pretty stressful being away from home (and from Claire and especially from Suzanne) so much this summer. It's crazy that we just bought this house and I'll only get to be in it for a few hours before I take off for a whole month.

All of this is to say I might not update this blog for a while, because I'm going to be pretty busy this summer! I'm active on Twitter and blogging each week for my Isle of Elsi Patrons if you need some more Longstreth in your life. And if any friends are reading this and will be passing through Santa Fe any time soon - drop me a line! It looks like I'm going to be here for a while. :)

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Wow! That's great! It's a good thing you're handy. When we moved into our house I got Sean a tool kit for Christmas and he said, "Great! Yeah I don't know what half of this stuff is." He's not handy. So we call tradespeople when things break. I hope you have many, many happy years in your new home.

Thanks, Arlene! Yeah, I'm super excited to work on projects around the house. And luckily Claire's dad was a contractor for years, so he'll be keeping an eye on my handiwork to make sure I'm not messing anything up! I hope you're having a great summer in Brooklyn!

Alec Jul08

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