One-Week Cartooning Workout!

Fri 11/4/2016

This fall, I started a new job at The Center for Cartoon Studies, as their Director of Academic Outreach.

Next week we're launching the first big project that I developed, with the help of CCS co-founder, James Sturm. It's called the One-Week Cartooning Workout and it's a free, self-directed comics course that is all done through email. When you sign up you get one email a day for the next week which includes: a daily challenge, some tips and tricks, links to examples and recommended reading, a fun fact, and an inspirational quote.

I've been working pretty hard on this for the last few months and the emails are loaded with little illustrations and animations that I drew. Check it out! It doesn't launch until next week, but since you are reading my blog, you are obviously a cool person, so you can check it out early. Please let me know if you have any feedback! The idea for this course was planted in my head by my former student David Humphreys, so thanks to him for being full of good ideas.

One of my other duties as Director of Academic Outreach is to do free video streaming sessions with comics classes and clubs at colleges around the country. The idea is to share some of CCS's comics expertise while also letting students know about CCS's MFA program and summer workshops. If you are attending a school (or teaching at one!) and would like to have me beamed into your class, drop me a line. I'm also available to lead workshops in person. More information is available on the Academic Outreach page on the CCS website!

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Even a blind pig finds a truffle sometimes.

Thanks for the shout-out!

I hope the new program is a crazy success for you.

- David

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